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In the dynamic and competitive world of real estate, staying ahead of the game requires not only expertise but also the right tools. Proxxee, a leading platform tailored for real estate professionals, offers a powerful combination of lead generation and CRM capabilities. This comprehensive solution is designed to streamline and enhance the way real estate professionals capture, manage, and convert leads, ultimately driving success in a demanding industry.

Our Mission

At Proxxee, our mission is rooted in the belief that every aspiring real estate professional deserves a fair chance at building a successful career. By providing accurate leads, reducing the time it takes to achieve that first deal, and offering unwavering support, we aim to be the guiding light for new agents on their journey to becoming accomplished real estate brokers. Our mission is not only to jumpstart careers but also to sustain and nurture the success of real estate professionals for years to come.


1. Empowering New Agents:
Proxxee is dedicated to supporting new agents in their quest to succeed in the real estate industry. We recognize the unique challenges they face and aim to be the catalyst that propels their careers forward.

2. Providing Accurate and Real Leads:
The cornerstone of our mission is the commitment to delivering high-quality leads. We understand that the accuracy and authenticity of leads are crucial for new agents to gain the confidence and motivation to excel in their roles.

3. Reducing Time-to-Success:
We acknowledge that many new agents struggle to close their first deal due to the time it takes to establish themselves in the industry. Proxxee is driven by the goal of significantly reducing this time-to-success by offering the right resources and opportunities.

4. Fostering Success:
Our mission goes beyond lead generation; it’s about creating an environment where new agents can thrive. We provide the necessary tools, support, and guidance to help them build a rewarding and sustainable career in real estate.

5. Ensuring Long-Term Prosperity:
Proxxee is committed to the long-term success of new agents.

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